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Public cloud, sharepoint hosting, hosted exchange, managed hosting
Performance computing, applications, databases.
web hosting, hosted Sharepoint, hosted Exchange, domain names & SSL sales, website, ecommerce store, email, and more.

windows dedicated servers managed hosting
Customized, Windows dedicated servers to meet your security, performance, and compliance needs. Fully managed by 724. All inclusive, performance guaranteed.

private cloud hosting, managed hosting, hosted sharepoint, hosted exchange
Your own reliable, scalable and secure cloud, in your data center or ours. Consulting, Hardware Sales, installation, and management, Application and Compliance mgmt, HIPAA

IT Services, IT Programs, Server Administration, Server management, Server Monitoring

Website and
server Monitoring.
Monitor connectivity, http, https, smtp, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, PHP, MySQL, disk space, memory usage, cpu usage, server processes and services.

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Add our remote IT Services to support your team.
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Whether you need the custom control of our dedicated private cloud, expert support and management for your on-premises set up, or a clever blend of both, 724's managed hosting services remove your IT burden so you can focus on your core business.

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IT Services, IT Programs, Server Administration, Server management, Server Monitoring

Remote IT Services, Hosted Data Backup, Core Security, anti-virus, anti-spam,
Performance monitoring, Patch management, System Administration,

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Innovative Industry Leaders

Leading in the industry since 1996, 724Hosting is a known brand name of hosted services and IT companies around the world. Providing unique, innovative and quality solutions, we are proud to be a 100% US based company and proud of our strategic partnerships with our quality vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, VM Ware and others. Therefore giving our clients and partners opportunities to take advantage of our unique suite of public cloud, private cloud and managed windows dedicated server services. This includes your databases, Ecommerce website,
Hosted Sharepoint including Sharepoint 2013 and Sharepoint 2010, Hosted Exchange, customized managed dedicated server hosting, IT Services, Innovative dedicated private cloud soulutions and much, much more.

Making The Best Choice

724 Hosting 100% American Patriot PrideWhen choosing the type of company to provide, host, and maintain your business or personal networks, servers, and services your business requires many factors should be considered.
A proven track record from a 100% USA based company 724Hosting, who has been here since the beginning is one of them. 100% American based technical support is another. We do not outsource to China and India like our competition does. Furthermore, the equipment, software and value-added services that may be needed also deserve the same attention.

Advantages & Disadvantages
When you choose your Network services partner, 724Hosting will help you make the right choices by explaining your options, simplifying compatibility concerns and making sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the services that are available to you. We are experts in Managed hosting, Windows dedicated servers,
hosted exchange, hosted sharepoint 2013, sharepoint Server, and much more.

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